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Manufacturing & Filling

Helping You Create Clean Skincare & Cosmetics Products

Clean Cosmetics LLC is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge, cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare products for developing and established brands. We use only clean, ethically-sourced ingredients to ensure that each formulation is the best it can be. Our ingredients and finished products are never tested on animals and are created in pristine laboratories with a dedication to safety, efficacy, and cost. We serve cosmetic, cosmeceutical, retail, and medical skincare facilities across the world.

Our goal is to help brands create custom skincare and cosmetic products for their customers by using our world-class technology and research in the skincare industry. Our team provides exceptional customer service support, including custom formulations, production, graphic design, packaging, and delivery. From product concept to store shelves, Clean Cosmetics LLC has you covered.

Our staff takes a meticulous approach to our work. Each of our projects are developed to optimize production, cost, practicality, and flexibility. We take quality control seriously and ensure it’s prioritized throughout the production process. Not only does our team strive to deliver your products on time and on budget, we go above and beyond to add the “wow” factor that will entice customers and solidify your branding.

We offer:

  • Small and large scale production services with quick turnaround times
  • Scalable resources that can flex with your business
  • Scientifically proven, high-quality ingredients
  • State-of-the-art production equipment

Our staff receives ongoing training and support to ensure that manufacturing and filling processes stay efficient and the end products are of exceptional quality. Whenever possible, we use USP-grade, raw components in products for maximum efficacy. You can trust that your finished skincare and cosmetics are consumer-ready right out of the box.

Our company offers batch compounding for completely custom skin care and cosmetics products using your preferred ingredients. Our experienced team of cosmetics formulation experts will combine various ingredients to produce a one-of-a-kind product that only your brand offers. This enables your company to provide customers with new formulas and bespoke products with results that no other brand currently has on the market.

Clean Cosmetics LLC offers a wide range of packaging and labeling services by employing numerous semi- and fully-automated packaging systems. We have a large variety of packaging components in stock that are ready to use and ship.

We’re always looking for new ways to meet the demands of our valuable clients, and currently provide hot stamping, silk-screening, labeling, and other branding options. The equipment used is capable of filling, sealing, labeling, shrink wrapping, batch coding, and packaging cosmetics and skin care products at high speeds.

We have skilled graphic designers on staff that can help your company create stunning packaging for your products. We’re also proud to offer turnaround times for filling, packaging, and shipping custom cosmetics that far surpasses industry norms.

With our state-of-the-art production equipment and assembly skills, we deliver fast, and efficient filling and assembly procedures for a wide variety of cosmetics and skin care products. Clean Cosmetics LLC’s forward-thinking technology allows your products to be filled and packaged quickly, affordably and without error.

At Clean Cosmetics LLC, we have unparalleled shipping expertise, ranging from domestic shipments of small parcels to large container shipments across the globe. We strive to deliver our products on time and without damage, every time. Finished products are carefully packed into shipping cartons to avoid spillage or breakage, with the option of barcoding or palletization services if requested.